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Online classes / weekly / educations

Tibetan Yoga: Lu Jong, Tsa Lung & basic yoga, meditations & Do-in/yin     ✅ Groupclasses Tibetan Yoga: Wednesdays 9.00 Tibetaanse Yoga via (if you dont have a membership you can buy a 3x card for € 30) This class is in NL  Thursdays 12.00-13.15 Tibetan Yoga & Meditation. via


Start your Lu Jong Teacher Training online anytime!

Start the Lu Jong Teacher Training online 1:1 at a convenient date & time for you Continue: online, in The Hague (by the Sea) and in Amsterdam.   Steps in becoming a Lu Jong Teacher Education: This 14 day course is an education in the fundamental theory and practice of Lu Jong with Educator Mariette de Kroon. You’ll have your home practice and count on approx. ...


Yoga Sailing holidays: 12-19 September 2020

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack   In these holidays in Turkey/Greece you can sleep under the stars, feel the sunshine on your skin, a breeze in your face & enjoy boatlife, sailing & yoga in beautiful surroundings. And of course swim in Big Blue turquoise clarity! This is a unique experience, a full week of being on and in the water, yoga twice per ...

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19 April Online Workshop The 5 elements - of which everything exists : use them as a sacred tool for daily life!

In this workshop of universal wisdom and practical tools we use the body in a smart way so the elements are balanced and we are guided in meditation to get insights for our daily life. Mariette guides you in a practice for health and happiness where you recognize, balance and purify the 5 elements. This 5 element practice is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet: Shamanism, Tantrayana & Tibet...


12 June Special Special Class Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga - Nourishing inner warmness, power and courage.

12 June 20-21.30 Delightyoga Den Haag Special Class Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Nourishing inner warmness, power and courage. Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective, playful, gentle and powerful at the same time. Lu Jong is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet & in Tibetan Medicine and contains amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together...


Full Moon Practice and Meditation - every full moon at DelightYoga Den Haag

Full Moon Practice and Meditation - every full moon at DelightYoga Den Haag With Full moon our body channels are naturally more open (which is what our yoga practice is about and facilitates all the other bodymind benefits). So our body-mind practice on a full moon day brings us greater benefits that last longer than on a regular day! We bring about this Inner alchemy - as in our regular tibetan yo...


26 - 28 June 2020 Yoga Festival Terschelling

The 14th edition of this inspiring Yoga Festival by the sea! This year's theme is One With Nature: connect with the beautiful island of Terschelling, tune in to your senses, be one with the sea, the dunes, the forest, and of course with your own, inner self.  Experience a long weekend with yoga workshops, meditation, live music, mindfulness, massage, delicious vegetarian food, around + 25 yog...


3-4-5 July Summer Lu Jong Intensive by the Sea

It is possible to follow 5 education days to know and experience Lu Jong more profoundly for yourself. Cost € 695. We call this the Lu Jong Intensive.  With this training you integrate the whole series and learn a lot about the background, how Lu Jong functions and what the benefits are. We wil practice inside and on the beach. Let's celebrate the 5 elements! After these 5 days you co...