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About KiFlow

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KiFlow means flow of energy. KiFlow invites you, stands next to you - offers you bodybreathheartmind tools and inspiration to feel empowered in daily life and make decisions from the heart.

Feel that you always have the tools with you to bring yourself back in the moment, in inner power. Such powerful wisdom tool is Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga. Universal deep teachings that you can easily apply and integrate in daily life. Feel your body, open yourself, go beyond labels, concepts and recognize the universal you. On this page you find Lu Jong teacher trainings, yoga & breath workshops, and also do-in / yin classes, basic yoga, energizers in Organisations and bodymind programmes for students (Hogeschool/Universiteit),.1:1 sessions and the Kum Nye Tibetan Massage Education you find in Coaching/Care. If you like to join a yogaretreat / holiday: