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Book an Energizer for your organisation


Why THIS in specific? 

The BodyMind Energizers offered here contain 5 highly effective body movements that form the foundation of how our body and mind function in an optimal way.

They contain tremendous wisdom & have a deep effect.


What does it look like? 

Down to earth & Accessible
No extra facilities needed
Standing movements you can do anywhere
Maximum effects in minimum time

People will ask: "Once learned, how can I integrate this in my schedule. How much time do I need?'  You can re-assure them. 12-15 minutes 

You can choose to book this Energizer:  

  • 1x as a mindful meeting / as part of an inspiring Team day: joyful energizing teambreak where you experience these effective tools for the first time.
  • 3x: The 3 step approach as an offer to your personnel to experience, understand and really integrate this as a smart recharger in daily life. Including hand-outs, examples customized to your business & full support. This package can be used for the whole organisation or for reintegration purposes specifically.
  • weekly in your company   
  • for specific re-integration purposes
  • or tailor made Bodymindlife programmes- Inner Leadership:  Body/Mind/Life balance, alignment of goals, tools to deal with challenges and optimizing inner power, motivation & contribution. More extensive, includes more tools & guided sessions.

See the section on Benefits and connect to plan a meeting and discuss the possibilities: â€‹ / 0614995059 

About your Trainer

Business Trainer & Educator Mariette de Kroon has her background in Business & in BodyMind studies & is experienced in teaching large groups. The body-mind programmes & Energizers she presents here are rooted in wisdom-methods of Tibet, Mariette is certified Educator by Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang since 2009.