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Sails to your Business

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If you wish in depth quality sessions with your team to reach new levels or you wish to organize a trip with your business partners to work on new ideas or strategies in an out of the box inspiring setting this Sailing Business trip can be the perfect option.

In an informal way subjects that matter will arise and be expressed, just as needed. At the same time the good life style on board, true enjoyment & inspiring beautiful nature invite to know each other better and ensure the quality experience of this week. 

BodyMind Energizers, customized team sessions & tailor made excursions complement and support this Business Sailing week in an optimal way.  


Location: Greek / Turkish coast

Duration: a week from end of April till mid October. 


To explore the possibilities of a customized business sailing trip, please get in touch: 

Mariette de Kroon 

mariette@kiflow. nl  / +31-6-14995059