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Benefits - making a good habit

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Benefits of Meditation:  

  • Enhance your presence
  • True connection to yourself and others
  • Helps you see things as they are
  • Helps to be integrate your experiences
  • More aware & relaxed
  • Create new connections (neural pathways) in the brain
  • Calm mind is able to have insights
  • Open-mind
  • More creativity (out of the box, beyond limiting concepts)
  • See how our habitual mind operates
  • Increase mental clarity & focus
  • More compassion & inner power ourselves and others
  • Resilience in times of challenges
  • Less tension and stress
  • More physical wellbeing, including helping the immune system, hormones production, good sleep, balance breath & nervous system.
  • Less carried away by emotions & unproductive thoughts
  • Better communication
  • More happiness
  • Energizes you  
  • Deepens the effects of yoga  
  • Recognize your tremendous potential
  • You recharge (you are being re-source-ful)


Scientific studies show us these tremendous benefits.

In our western education, meditation and tools to deal with our mind & emotions are still hardly present. If you consider what a key factor mind is in determining whether we live a happy life or not, it makes sense to integrate it!

If we don’t train our mind then we are more easily carried away by emotional states & unproductive thoughts that do not bring happiness. We need to see how our mind operates, observe our tendencies, train our mind and tap into our natural wisdom.


Making a habit

The Tibetan word for meditation is Gompa. This means making a habit. If we create this habit we can apply it in all life situations, bringing openness, clarity & more happiness.