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About Lu Jong I and II series

About the Series:

Lu Jong I :  for all, both beginners & advanced yogis/practitioners, all ages & abilities

21 movements (&2):

  • 5 Element movements
  • 5 Body Parts
  • 5 Vital Organs
  • 6 Conditions (to promote health & happiness) & 2 extra: 1 for Sleep and Wakefulness

Lu Jong II : after practicing Lu Jong I series for a while, more advanced series

Lu Jong II continues on the foundation of Lu Jong I practice. With Lu Jong II the power and harmonious collaboration of body and mind is further promoted. With the help of body, breath and movement we transform ourselves.

As you know, we need to be strong for absolute happiness. Being strong also means to open our hearts. These series help us to go beyond illusion and to be home in happiness. Our health is enhanced on all levels: physically, energetically and mentally.

The absorption of vital nutrients is promoted.  

15 movements, 3 groups:

Group 1: Five Movements for prevention

Group 2: Five Movements to alleviate or remove pain

Group 3: Five Movements for a good distribution of vital nutrients

NB. I give One Day retreats and workshops Lu Jong II & combiclasses Lu Jong I & II.  You find these in the Events on this page. You can already mail your interest to participate! 

For private sessions, mail to or call 06-14995059.