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Tsa Lung Tibetan Yoga - Feel your Energy Body

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Tsa Lung (Tigle) Tibetan Yoga

This is a dynamic powerful practice where we combine heart intentions, breath training & retention, body movements, visualisation & awareness.  In Tsa Lung we train our breath, our life force. When the breath flows, the mind flows. By using powerful movements we open our subtle body. With energy flowing it can reach deep places and open & nourish more subtle channels. Blood quality improves & hormone production increases. We feel happiness in the body & our mind is satisfied and calm. With a calm mind we can recognize our nature. Tsa Lung greatly improves our physical health & happiness and is a highly spiritual path where we train our diamond heart, diamond body & our diamond mind.



  • Stronger musculo-skeletal system
  • Reduces pain, releasing blockages
  • Better transport of nutrients, oxygen & elimination of waste
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • It increases inner fire (tummo) and helps all metabolic processes
  • Blood quality improves, increasing the body’s healing ability
  • Helps production of hormones,
  • Youthful radiance
  • Longevity



  • Opens channels, making them flexible, clear and supple. 
  • Wind energy flows unobstructedly
  • It increases vitality and general energy
  • It harmonizes and balances the breath
  • Energetic feeling of being at home



  • Reduces unnecessary or unproductive thoughts
  • Calm mind
  • It reduces negative emotions and mental suffering
  • More positive and happy mind
  • Mental acuity increases
  • More mindfulness, focus & clarity.
  • Compassion and love for all beings
  • Overall awareness
  • Helps us to realize our non-conceptual mind through which we can realize our nature.


In Tsa Lung Tigle we work intensely with the subtle body: channels(tsa), wind (lung) and essence (tigle). The health of our gross body as we know it and the happiness of our mind are based on the functioning of the subtle body.

That’s why it is so important to take care and open our channels!


Background / lineage

The Tsa Lung you learn here come from the Kalachakra tradition & are rooted in Tantrayana Buddhism. Thanks to Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang we can now practice and enjoy the benefits here. Introduction movie

Mariette de Kroon has been an authorised Tsa Lung Teacher since 2017 in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang. 

In the Events you find Tsa Lung series and here you find  (One Day) retreats