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26 Mei Volle Maan Ochtend Practice & Meditatie 7.30-8.30



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With full moon our body channels are naturally more open,

our life force reaches deeper places. 

This is what our yoga practice is about, and it
facilitates all the other bodymind benefits. Because of this heightened
power, our practice around the full moon brings us greater benefits that
last longer than on a regular day! 

We practice with the breath, body, breath, heart-mind and bring about an
inner alchemy - as in our regular tibetan yoga practice - and now on an
extra powerful day.

We work with what is there - 5 elements (space, earth, wind, fire,
water) and awareness - to bring ourselves home.

The practice is 3-fold:

Diamond Heart

In our heart we feel our deepest wishes, our motivation. Extending our
wishes beyond ourselves gives us tremendous power.

Diamond Body

Using form, flowing movements, awareness and the breath we are opening
the body like with a massage.  We balance the 5 elements so they work
together harmoniously.

We create a more optimal temperature, beneficial for hormone production,
for our circulation and absorption of vital nutrients. This helps us
release what we no longer need.

We feel more in tune, open, relaxed and energized.

Diamond Mind
This balance & happiness in the body also allows the mind to be
satisfied, calm. Here we meditate. With a calm mind we can recognize our
natural state.

Also save the date for the next Full Moon session in your Calendar: Tuesday 27th April: 7.30-8.30