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zaterdag 5 juni Workshop De kracht van de Adem (online) & intro Tsa Lung serie online


Power of the Breath Workshop Saturday 5th June 9.30-11.30

Train your breath and discover your hidden and amazing potential. Breath and mind are so much connected...

Here you learn more about the breath and you train your life force.  You receive practical tools for daily life and i will share knowledge from Tantrayana background

on the breath and the subtle body. I will introduce Tsa Lung and share a practice.

In this workshop we will also look into and feel the meaning of Buddha s words on keeping our awareness with the breath.  

Price workshop: € 25



After this first session you can join and continue the Tsa Lung series.

This is a strong dynamic practice and at the same time a powerful spiritual teaching. This practice allows you to go deep in yourself: body,breath,heart and mind.

The Tsa Lung I teach here is Tsa Lung from the Kalachakra tradition (as taught by Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche). With 20 movements you reach your whole body. 

Here you read more on Tsa Lung

The online Tsa Lung series takes place on weekend days: time: 9.30-11.30, total price: €150.

Dates: Saturday 5 June, Sunday 27 June, Saturday 10 July, Sunday 19 September, Saturday 9 October, Saturday 30 October and Saturday 13 November


If you are interested to join, send me an email: 

I wish to facilitate the June-November series for a small dedicated group ❤️ to ensure the quality of this amazing practice 🙏


NL: Als je geinteresseerd bent om mee te doen, stuur me een mailtje:

Ik wil dit graag faciliteren voor een klein dedicated groepje ❤️ om de kwaliteit van deze bijzondere practice te kunnen waarborgen. 

Voor Nederlandse info over Tsa Lung