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Private classes always possible!


Online & in the Studio & on the Beach: in EN/NL  (mostly - just ask;)


In these 'peculiar times' connect for special offers of private sessions on the beach 

since we cannot do any groups sessions just yet.

Be in touch for any bodymind wishes! 

e.g. directed on resilence, physical strength, joy, mindful moving, strengthening your spine, many physical benefits, awareness of the breath, power of mind, unwinding / allowing yourself to relax, feel your essence

and create from your heart. 

I specialised in Lu Jong I-II, Tsa Lung Power of the Breath, Inner FireBliss, Mindfulness, Meditation, Do-In/Yin. 


I am always very happy to tune in 1:1 = wisdom tools in your hands so you can benefit from them in daily life ;-)  🙏

Also if you wish to discover, learn, share, deepen your practice, to have some guidance in how to integrate an effective practice into your daily life

or to have someone stand right next to you in times of change. 


If you followed a Tummo Inner Fire Bliss retreat or online intensive with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, i can also guide you.   

To book a private session: send me a message: / 06-14995059  & mention your preferred timing! 


Price for privates:

€ 70,00 / 1 hour