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Zaterdag 22 Juni 10.15-11.30 Online Volle Maan Tibetaanse Yoga & meditatie


Online Full moon practice Dates & Times: 

Saturday 22 June 10.15-11.30 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation 

Sunday 21 July  19.00-20.15 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation (timing doublecheck closer to date)

Monday 19 August 18.30-19.45 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation

Wednesday 18 September 18.00-19.15 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation

Thursday 17 October 18.30-19.45 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation 

Friday 15 November 18.30-19.45 Full Moon Yoga & Meditation

Sunday 15 December 17.00-18.15  Full Moon Yoga & Meditation


Book the online sessions by sending an email to, 

Single class € 15,00

Full Moon Bundle:

8x € 108


Full Moon Yoga and Meditation

Full Moon is an important moment to tune inward and feel our inner guidance. We bring about inner alchemy & balance - as in our regular Tibetan & healing yoga practice - and now on an extra powerful day. At full moon our body channels are naturally more open and our vital energy reaches deeper places. So the benefits are greater and stay longer with us.

Our practice is 3-fold:

Diamond Heart

In our heart we feel our deepest wishes, our motivation. Extending our wishes beyond ourselves gives us tremendous power.

Diamond Body

Using form, flowing movements, awareness and the breath we are opening the body like with a massage.  We balance the 5 elements so they work together harmoniously.
We create a more optimal temperature, beneficial for hormone production, our circulation and absorption of vital nutrients. And to release what we no longer need.
The body feels more open, relaxed and energized.

Diamond Mind
This balance & happiness in the body also allows the mind to be satisfied, calm. With a calm mind we can recognize our natural state. Here we mediate.