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Advice in times of change

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Last week I came across my notes of an inspiring teaching on Leadership and Change by Tulku Lobsang.

I am happy to share it here now, I am sure we can all benefit from this advice at some point in time…  
‘A leader is aware that change is the base of existence. And ready to act in an inspired way with change. Open-minded. Because (s)he knows without change there is no development.  
Take a problem as a question!
Ask yourself: what gives most benefits? Feel Love for what you do and love and trust for the people you work with. Whatever you encounter as a problem, see this as a teacher that is going to teach you something.
Be open-minded with this question. This teacher. Become a complete friend with this problem. The problem guides you, changes you, trust it. It does not make a mistake.
Be ready to act with it. It is an opportunity. Use it as potential.
Change gives you power. Take it as an opportunity to make things better.
Change is the base of existence, it is not a surprise. You act in a calm, relaxed way. Change is the power of existence. You choose how you deal with it.’ 

And of course we make the best choices when our body and mind are balanced.
Through the body you also reach your mind
with your mind you create everything
(and with that worldview you walk around all day;-0)
(en met dat wereldbeeld loop je dan de hele dag rond;-0) 
So let’s use our body in a smart way & come home in the pure qualities
of the heartmind.

Let's practice together,connect &  inspire each other