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Body Mind Coaching


This coaching session helps you to balance body and mind, feel your inner power and get tools for daily life.

Listening to you and using wisdom tools from Mindfulness, Yoga and Buddhist psychology + intuition we will explore what helps you best in this moment. 

By using the body in a smart way we also bring about balance in our mind, with a balanced calm mind we see clearly. 


I am very happy to tune in 1:1, it can just be very welcome to have someone stand right next to you in times of change.

When we do a practice that is beneficial for you to continue at home, I'll help you so you can easily integrate it in daily life.

Wisdom tools we may make use of: 

Tibetan Yoga, Loving kindness Meditation, compassion, mindfulness, breath work, Do-in/Yin, relaxation, nidra, Tibetan healing techniques.


To book a Body Mind Coaching session: send me a message: or call 06-14995059  & mention your availability.



€ 70,00 / 1 hour - 5 session card:  € 320,00

€ 100,00 / 1,5 hours - 5 session card:  € 450,00

Locations: Den Haag Centre & Vruchtenbuurt & online & outdoor (April-September)