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bio Mariette de Kroon


bio Mariette de Kroon


I offer tools & wisdom to encourage the free flow of energy with Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga, Shiatsu/Do-in Yoga, Kum Nye Tibetan massage & Body Breath Heart Mind programs - Inner Leadership & Vitality programs & Education for HealthCare, Schools & Business, Organisations.

To promote health & happiness!



~ Since 2009 Educator & Teacher in Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga - certified by Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang.  The Lu Jong Teacher Training is concluded with an international Masterclass weekend with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche himself.

~ Since 2017 Teacher in Tsa Lung Power of the Breath, Mindfulness Teacher (since 2014) and i teach Do-in Yoga (meridian stretches) since 2007, 

~ Educator (2016) & practitioner since 2010 in Tibetan Massage Kum Nye & Shiatsu therapist since 2010.

~ Besides regular classes & workshops, i give Retreats / Holidays & teacher Intensives. 


Work locations / assignments

  • Yoga Teacher at Delight Yoga (main location also for privates), Ajnatempel, Sportcity, Samanayogacenter, Lourdes BodyMind, de Kristallen Naald & various studios for classes/workshops. 
  • Body Mind programs:  Nangten Menlang International, Hilton, Carlton Beach, US Embassy, Centrum Autisme, PGGM, Sonos, Gemeente Rotterdam, Pijnacker, Rijswijk, Resonance, AEDE, Integrative medicine projects.
  • Teacher Training Lu Jong The Hague/ Amsterdam & in retreatstyle.
  • Yogaholidays: eg YogaSailing trips Turkey/Greece, retreats Bali & Netherlands.  


Education (all certificates obtained) / retreats

2018:                           : Tummo inner fire wisdom - full retreat & advanced Lu Jong educator meeting,

                                      Mooji online retreat

2017:                           : Bliss retreat, Tsa lung teacher training, Tulku Lobsang

                                      Retreat Jetsün Khandro-la Portugal

2016                            : Educator Kum Nye Tibetan Massage & Tsa Lung complete retreat

2015                            : Open your Heart retreat, Tulku Lobsang

2015                            : Silent retreat with Sri Mooji & Bön teachings Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

2014                            : Buddhist Psychology education, Mindfulness teacher education

                                      Tulku Lobsang

2009->                         : ongoing Tibetan education and retreats with Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang:

                                      Tummo (Inner Fire & Bliss), Kum Nye (Tibetan Massage)

                                      Nangten Menlang International, Vienna, Austria.

2006-2010                   : The Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu, The Hague, Netherlands

                                      4-year HBO-accredited education, graduation as shiatsu

                                       therapist in September 2010 with Sensei Kawada

2010                            : Tibetan Massage education (Kum Nye) & Tibetan Yoga (Lu Jong 2) Education,

                                      Tulku Lobsang, Nangten Menlang, International, Vienna, Austria.

2010                            : Shiatsu Chairmassage The Hague, Netherlands

2009                            : Education to become a Lu Jong Educator, Nangten Menlang

                                      International, Vienna, Austria

2007                            : Do-in (meridian stretches) teacher qualification at the Dutch School for

                                      Classical Shiatsu, The Hague, Netherlands.

2000-2005                   : basic courses Shiatsu at the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu, The Hague,


Before that                  : Project Management - Kepner Tregoe, Business Management / VWO - worked

                                      as account executive. 

Languages                 : Dutch, French, English, German/Swiss German, basic Spanish                       

Interests/hobbies      : being in nature - mountains, at sea, forest, yoga & outdoor sports as hiking,

                                      biking, diving as well as photography, drawing etc.

                                      Inspired by life! & yoga, Tibetan compassion & wisdom teachings, integrative

                                      medicine, contributing to health & happiness.