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Workshop 24 July 2021 Experience the full Lu Jong series & all its benefits

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Feel the whole Lu Jong series in a flow and experience the benefits

Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective, playful, gentle and powerful at the same time.  Lu Jong is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet – Tantrayana & Bön – and in Tibetan Medicine and contains amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together.

Lu means body and Jong means training or transformation. We use our body as a vehicle for inner transformation, a key to hidden dimensions.

Combining position, flowing movements & breath we create a massage that opens the body in a special way. We work with our subtle body, opening our channels, so energy and essence flow smoothly. At the same time, we cultivate awareness. We balance the 5 element energies, take good care of our spine and joints, vital organs, digestion and feel our inner power. Lu Jong brings us here and now. Energizes. Boosts our health. Our mind becomes calm and clear. We tap into our inner guidance, our innate wisdom. We recognize we are love, we are happiness.

Lu Jong is accessible for all ages, abilities and easy to integrate into daily life. This workshop is suitable for all, both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The Lu Jong 1 series consists of 21 movements including the 5 Elements, Body Parts, Vital Organs & a group of movements that we call 6 Conditions – movements with specific benefits for health & happiness. If you want to find out more about this practice, please watch this video that explains Lu Jong in more depth.

Date: 24 July 2021

Time: 14-16.30

Address: online from anywhere and in physical presence in Den Haag (Vruchtenbuurt) 

Language: EN/NL (depending on participants, kan goed zijn dat het gewoon in het Nederlands is (en geef het aan als dit belangrijk voor je is)

Price: € 30,00

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