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STUDIO lessen in Den Haag:  MAANDAG 9.00-10.00 @Sportcity Den Haag MAANDAG 20.45-22.00 @Ajnatempel Den Haag  (boek via Eversport of via Onefit) DINSDAG 10-11 @Sportcity Den Haag WOENSDAG 9-10.15 @Ajnatempel Den Haag (boek via Eversport of via Onefit) DONDERDAG 9-10.15 @Delightyoga Den Haag: 4 x SunMoon practice 29 juli tm 19 Aug...


Start de Lu Jong Teacher Training (studio en online mogelijkheden)

Hoe word je Lu Jong Teacher? Volg de volgende stappen:   De Lu Jong Teacher Training bestaat uit 14 lesdagen bij Lu Jong Educator Mariette de Kroon. Tijdens de opleiding leer je de achtergrond, werking en benefits van Lu Jong, beoefen je & wissel je uit. Je sluit dit onderdeel af met een praktijk-examen bij je educator en een online theorie-examen. Dan volg je de Masterclasses me...


Yogazeilvakantie 9-16 oktober 2021 (extra optie:16-23 Oktober 2021)

Come and join us celebrating life on the amazing yacht @Captainjack   In these holidays in Turkey/Greece you can sleep under the stars, feel the sunshine on your skin, a breeze in your face & enjoy boatlife, sailing & yoga in beautiful surroundings. And of course swim in Big Blue turquoise clarity! This is a unique experience, a full week of being on and in the water, yoga twice per ...


July 20th & 27th Loving Kindness Meditation @Delightyoga Tuesday 18.45-19.45 Den Haag & online

Boek @Delightyoga  ...


24 Juli Volle Maan Practice & Meditatie 9.00 uur AM in Delightyoga Den Haag

  Boek hier de les : in Delightyoga Den Haag    With full moon our body channels are naturally more open, our life force reaches deeper places.  This is what our yoga practice is about, and it facilitates all the other bodymind benefits. Because of this increased power, our practice at full moon brings us greater benef...

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Workshop 24 July 2021 Experience the full Lu Jong series & all its benefits (full moon!)

Feel the whole Lu Jong series in a flow and experience the benefits Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective, playful, gentle and powerful at the same time.  Lu Jong is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet – Tantrayana & Bön – and in Tibetan Medicine and contains amazing wisdom of how body, mind and natural cycles work together. Lu means...


5th & 12th August Yoga Nidra Special Class Thursday 20.15-21.15 Delightyoga Den Haag

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Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga : 3 daagse zomertreat voor jezelf 6-7-8 augustus 2021

Lu Jong Tibetaanse Yoga : 3 daagse zomertreat voor jezelf! Locatie: Den Haag (studio en een ochtendpractice op het strand) 3 dagen: 6-7-8 augustus 2021 Tijden: 10-17 uur (en evt 1 keer een eerdere start op het strand, dat stemmen we samen af;-) Bijdrage: € 333 Inclusief lunch, snacks, thee/koffie.  Adres in Den Haag: Perenstraat 243  Info/registreren: mariette@k...


19 september t/m november Tsa Lung serie: ontdek de kracht van de adem

Power of the Breath Tsa Lung series if you like to continue your Tsa Lung practise join us Sunday 19th September 9.30-11.30 Train your breath and discover your hidden and amazing potential. Breath and mind are so much connected... Here you learn more about the breath and you train your life force.  You receive practical tools for daily life and i will share knowledge from Tantrayana bac...

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Yoga Terschelling One with Nature 2-5 September 2021

2-5 September 2021 ~ Yoga Terschelling One with Nature   boek je ticket: #onewithnature #truenature #yoga #islandtreasures #yogaholidays  Superaanbod Yoga - Meditatie & Kirtan - wat mij betreft het heerlijkste yogafestival vollop in de natuur!   & ook elke dag Tibetaanse Yoga, zo happy hier weer le...


Private classes always possible!

Online & in the Studio & on the Beach: in EN/NL   Be in touch for any bodymind wishes  e.g. directed on resilence, physical strength, joy, coping with difficulties or injuries, mindful moving, strengthening your spine, many physical benefits, awareness of the breath, power of mind, unwinding / allowing yourself to relax, feel your essence and create from your heart....

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Special Class 17th September Tibetan Healing Yoga & Bliss Meditation Delightyoga Amsterdam

Date: 17 September 2021 Time: 20.00 - 21.30 Price: Regular Class Fee Location: Nieuwe Achtergracht Link to page: Mariette guides you in this Tibetan Healing yoga practice for health and happiness where you recognize, balance and purify the 5 elements. The Tibetan name for this practice is Lu Jong and it is rooted in the diamond teachings of Tibet: Shamanis...


Workshop Lu Jong II on 18 September in Amsterdam (EN)

Workshop 18 September 2021 14.00-17.00 Delightyoga Amsterdam (WS)   Tibetan Yoga: introduction into the more advanced series (Lu Jong II) Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga is a practice for health and happiness: effective self-care and powerful at the same time. Lu means body and Jong means training or transformation. We use our body as a vehicle for inner transformation, a key to reveal our hidden pote...


Special Class 8th October How Special our Body is! Delightyoga Den Haag

Date: 8 October 2021 Time: 19.30 - 21.00 Location: Delightyoga Den Haag, Scheveningse weg 14.  Link to page: Regular class fee applies   Tantrayana offers powerful direct methods and teaches us how to be happy ourselves; then we automatically help others. Tantrayana is also called Vajrayana, the Diamond Vehicle. The reason is that thr...

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Special class 12th November 2021 Tsa Lung Tibetan Yoga & the Power of the Breath Delightyoga Amsterdam

Date: 12 November 2021 Time: 20.00 - 21.30 Location: Nieuwe Achtergracht Price: Regular Class Fee Link to page:   This Special Class is an introduction into the dynamic powerful Tibetan practice of Tsa Lung. In Tsa Lung we combine breath retention, body movements, visualisation & awareness. You feel the power of the breath and how you can u...

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