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Enjoy the cutest Lu Jong - Tibetan Healing Yoga - students ever!


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Prive sessies (online en in de studio)

✅ Private yoga (online & in de studio) in Tsa Lung, Lu Jong I-II, mindfulness, meditation, do-in I am very happy to tune in 1:1 with body/breath/heart/mind guidance, basic yoga & tibetan wisdom teachings and do-in meridian stretches. = wisdom tools in your hands so you can apply them in daily life ;-)  [🙏] This is ideal if you would like to learn Lu Jong, de...


Vind hier je hand-out! (en artikel yogaonline)

Artikel yoga-online :Dit is je hand-out voor de 5 element bewegingen! ...


May our Hearts

relax in each others company  like crystals of water  re-arranging in their original state of source  happiness ~ love purely reflecting what is    - mariette   ...



Volg ons ook op onze nieuwe pagina voor buitenyogis! YogaSeaLovers! Je vindt ons op Facebook, Insta en Youtube.  Als je van strand, zee en buitenyoga houdt: deze is voor jou! Like de pagina om uptodate te blijven over strandyoga, retreats aan Zee en  en Yogazeilreizen!   ...


Precious waves

Relaxation : the way to feel whole.  Remembering, knowing your wholeness, your inner peace = your inner power.  Your vibe, your heartfulness, your courage, your grace & inner peace shine thru the conditions that come and go.  #eachmomentfresh #preciousstillness #preciouswaves #interface #meetyourself   ...


Artikel Boeddhamagazine - Verjongingsoefening



Wherever you are!

On our way to the Masterclass Certification  Using the traffic jam experience as a friend   You can always practice ❣️ ...