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Kum Nye Tibetan Massage Education in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang – Mariette de Kroon

About Kum Nye

Kum means subtle body and Nye means to kneed. Kum Nye has its roots in Tantrayana and in Tibetan Medicine.  

Kum Nye helps to feel the body as a whole. When we are completely relaxed, healing takes place. Inner warmness & energy in the channels & essence are well distributed. We need a special temperature to produce hormones.  Kum Nye helps this inner warmness, metabolic processes and the release of toxins. Resulting in natural well-being, inner peace and clarity, and a more positive and stable mind.

This massage is especially beneficial for people who do any kind of body training, meditation, for those who work very hard and/or too much in the same position (physically and or mentally). When we practice intensively with the body and mind, we may start to build up some tensions.  Kum Nye helps to release these tensions. The body becomes calm, energy is flowing and mind is also satisfied, calm. It is then easier to rest and to recharge. As a result, we are more energized and feel more inner power.

Kum Nye Practitioner Education in the lineage of Tulku Lobsang                                      

You can now learn to give this beautiful and effective massage yourself.

The deep Tantrayana knowledge of how body and mind work together in an optimal way is very welcome in our times. Thanks to Tibetan Master Tulku Lobsang we can now also learn these effective methods that promote health and happiness. Mariette de Kroon is student of Tulku Lobsang since 2007 and certified by him to train people to become a Kum Nye Massage practitioner. In 2000 she started to learn massage & from then on continued her studies and practice the field of body & mind. Since 2009 she educates Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga Teachers. it is her passion to share Tantrayana methods and wisdom from her heart.   

By completing this education with a successful exam you can give Kum Nye Massages yourself (not teach others)

This is a wonderful opportunity for Lu Jong Teachers as well to go deeper in the teachings of Tantrayana (wisdom of the subtle body) both in theory and in practice. We do Lu Jong / Tsa Lung body-breath-heart-mind practice together in the morning to be well prepared. 

Education content:

  • Introduction Tulku Lobsang
  • Background, methos & benefits of Kum Nye
  • Tantrayana view of Subtle body
  • Context from the view of Tibetan Medicine
  • Kum Nye Practice: Basic & Continuation

I Kum Nye Practitioner Basic: In 8 days you learn to prepare and do the Kum Nye massage for Muscles, Bones, Tendons, Elements, Bone Marrow, Hand- & Footmassage & Back.

II Kum Nye Practitioner Continuation: 5 days. First we do a Recap. Then you learn extra, important points from the vision of Tantrayana/Tibetan medicine, a continuation of the backmassage, Kum Nye stretches and a more intense Tibetan oil massage.


Education fee Kum Nye Practitioner Basic 8 days                  € 1237,-  (excl. 21% BTW)

Education fee Kum Nye Practitioner Continuation 5 days          € 595,-  (excl. 21% BTW)

This includes your Kum Nye Manual. You do not have to register separately with Nangten Menlang.

Location:  Perenstraat 243, 2564 RZ  Den Haag

Times: 10.30-17h


Mail if you like to join a One Day retreat (Saturday or Sunday) as an Experience day Tibetan Yoga & Kum Nye 

Cost € 88 

Be in touch if you are interested to join the Education in September 2024:, 06-14995059.