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Relevance of Lu Jong here now


Background & relevance today 

Lu means body and Jong means art of movement and transformation. Lu Jong is rooted in Tibetan medicine, Bön & Tantrayana Buddhism. Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang brought these Lu Jong movements to the West.  

Our modern lifestyle

When Tulku Lobsang first met people from the west in India he realized our lifestyle is not so natural anymore. We often spend a long time in same body position. Our schedules are often so packed that we may feel overtaken by them. Many people feel restless or contracted. With our thoughts and emotions we easily project ourselves into future and past.

Is there a way to be fully present and enjoy the moment? Can we tune in and become more aware of subtle signals of body and mind again? 

Lu Jong brings you back in the moment and takes care of your spine

Practicing Lu Jong brings us in the moment, helps us to be more happy, healthy and aware Tulku Lobsang decided to introduce it to us since it brings us great benefit. Also, because of our modern lifestyles - spending a lot of time seated behind computer / laptop / looking on mobile phones - it is essential to take care of our spine. The health of the spine is very important for our overall health. With Lu Jong we nurture the spine, strengthen it and keep it flexible.

Everything consists of the 5 elements

Lu Jong contains deep wisdom of how natural cycles, body and mind work together. With this practice we balance the 5 element energies of which everything exists. These 5: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Space, we can recognize in our natural environment, in our body and as qualities in our mind. When they are working together harmoniously: this is the base of health. The practice leaves us feeling energized and relaxed. 

So, not only does Lu Jong help all body systems, it also focuses the mind and balances emotions. Lu Jong helps us to be inspired, happy, powerful & satisfied. Aware, in the moment and enjoying life.

How do we balance and open ourselves with Lu Jong?

We combine form, movement & breath and really feel our body as we move. With these movements we apply gentle pressure on specific points of the body, then we release again. We repeat the movement (usually 7 times) – and this works like a massage that opens the body. Then we do a breathing, this is the way for the body to release blocked energy, promote flow & relaxation.  

Lu Jong works with the subtle body. The subtle body is composed of channels, wind energy and essence. We have around 72.000 body channels.

Blockages in the channels cause imbalances in our body systems as vital nutrients, oxygen and blood don’t flow properly. These blockages also cause negative emotions, lack of clarity and energetic problems. When channels are open, wind energy can take the vital nutrients and hormones where needed and also our mind flows.

Taking care of our subtle body is very important as the health of the gross body and happiness of our mind are based on it.