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KiFlow is all about the flow of energy (ki-chi-prana-lung). We need space in order for energy to flow. When the energy circulates well it brings vital nutrients and hormones where needed. 

With our practice we balance the 5 elements so you feel energized and well physically, energetically and mentally. Result: You feel calm, inspired, you act with clarity & courage and you are relaxed. In tune. Here now. 

Kiflow invites you, stands next to you - offers you tools and inspiration to feel empowered in daily life and make decisions from the heart.

Recognize your nature. Open yourself, go beyond labels, concepts and recognize the universal you. Feel that you always have the tools with you to bring yourself back in the moment, in inner power. Such powerful wisdom tool is Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga. Universal deep teachings that you can easily apply and integrate in daily life. On this page you find Lu Jong teacher trainings, yoga & breath workshops, and also do-in / yin classes, basic yoga, energizers in Business & for students, Yogasailing and 1:1 bodymind coaching.  

We all have challenges on our path. Eventually they bring us home. When we do feel our nature it is so natural, so joyful ;-)

From here you live your dreams & you share.  Wishing every one to live their full potential. 

You are life  -  Y o u    A r e    T h e    P u r p o s e

  • Belief in Yourself
  • Recognize the power of your mind 
  • Tune in
  • Let go of concepts that don't serve you anymore 
  • Embrace where you are  
  • Allow your body & mind to help each other  
  • Use these powerful wisdom tools from Tibet
  • Let everything be an invitation to know yourself
  • Be playful 
  • Let's discover
  • Listen to yourself, and become aware of the subtle signs of body & mind 
  • Feel the joy of being true to yourself 
  • Life is magic 
  • Enjoy nature - our mother planet - recognize the elements in yourself (enjoy - love - recognize - aware - care)
  • Enjoy - share - connect - co-create
  • Inner guidance rocks  

So let's discover, let's experience!